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We have separated the bags into categories now to help you locate the correct bags faster!

The most common bags purchased are fro the Oreck Uprights. You either have a "non bags dock" system vacuum which takes Type XL bags. Or you have the newer "bag dock" system which takes Type CC bags.

What is a bag dock? This is a plasic holder that the cardboard on your vacuum bag slides into. Not onto, but actually a plastic frame that holds your bag in place.

NOTE: Just because your model number may start with XL does not mean it takes XL bags!

Ways to figure out what bag you need:

Look by the OEM bag number (Sample: ET511PK ) or by name (Sample: Halo)

If you do not see the bag # above enter it into our search and it will pull up the same bag you have in your hand.

If you are not sure what bags or filters your vacuum takes please email us your Model number (sample:XL9000D)

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