The Brands We Carry!

Wondering how the different vacuum cleaner brands and styles differ from each other?

ENVIROCARE VACUUM BAGS: Made by Envirocare Technologies. They make a variety of vacuum bags types to choose from. All of there bags are of the highest quality manufacturing. The big difference between them is the filtration. We will list them from OK to BEST in filtration.

OK FILTRATION* ENVIROCARE STANDARD FILTRATION VACUUM BAGS - We do carry Non-filtration vacuum bags due to the needs of you the customer. They are located with the other bags. These bags are not a high filtration vacuum bag. However they are still a high quality replacement but not great for allergy sufferers or people who want to extend the life of their vacuum. This vacuum bag is designed just to hold the dirt till you dump it and provide a bag that is low cost to the customer. You can recognize these bags by there single colored packaging and large writing going up the left side reading “DUST BAGS”. They do have the Envirocare label but not in the bright orange color found on the higher quality vacuum bags. Please keep in mind there is also the DVC brand and they also make a standard filtration in which meets the same quality and filtration type. On certain bag types we can only get one company or the other. But they both offer top quality products.

GOOD FILTRATION** ENVIROCARE MICRO - FILTRATION PAPER VACUUM BAGS- This version is a much higher quality filtration vacuum bag then the standard. This multi layer paper bag tests at 99.7% filtration. It traps microscopic particles and allergens. It will provide you with great filtration and still help out the budget. We carry this quality in a multitude of Brands and Models. We sell them in cases and in different size singles packages to fit any budget. You can spot them by their blue and white packaging with the bright orange Envirocare label. These bags also have the Enviro-closure that seals around the bag opening. Basically it covers over the hole when you remove the bag, so dust does not blow out when you are taking it to the trash. We highly recommend this company and the bags they produce.

MICRO-LINED VACUUM BAGS: Made by DVC. This company has been in the vacuum bag business a long time and they make a great aftermarket paper vacuum bag. 2-Ply Filter System bag captures Microscopic Particles, Germs, and Bacteria as small as 0.1 Micron. 99.7% Filtration. Doubles Effective Bag Capacity. Great brand to purchase in a case for extra savings. Again they produce a very comparable bag to the envirocare brand.

BETTER FILTRATION** ENVIROCARE ANTI-ALLERGEN VACUUM BAGS- These are terrific vacuum bags. These are the bags we personally use in our vacuums. These bags offer 99.9% filtration trapping microscopic particles and allergens. Basically they keep the dust in the bag and out of your air. This cuts down on another chore most people would like to do less of, dusting. Also if you have animals we have found it cuts down on the smells that escape into the air from most paper bags. They are made from synthetic material that resembles cloth but still is easily recycled like paper. The Anti – Allergen Vacuum bags are stronger than paper, won't tear and offer better airflow for enhanced vacuum performance. They are available in many of our vacuum sections for a lot of Makes and Models. They are easy to pick out in their bright green packaging with the bright orange Envirocare label. All around we found these to be a great choice of a high quality aftermarket vacuum bag. Very compare to genuine synthetic cloth bags but the Anti-Allergen bags sell for usually half of the cost of the similar genuine vacuum bags. And they usually come in a larger quantity than Genuine. Try them out today you won’t be sorry.

ALLERGEN PERFORMANCE VACUUM BAGS: They are made by DVC. And are perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers! They are a 3 Ply construction that is stronger than paper which prevents tearing during use. The cloth like material improves vacuum performance by minimizing loss of suction as bag fills. They are buyer favorite because the Synthetic Fiber Media will not support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria. So if you don’t want to conduct any science experiments with what you vacuumed up last week try these wonderful bags. It’s a healthy choice for any family.

BEST FILTRATION** ENVIROCARE HEPA VACUUM BAGS These are the Anti-Allergen vacuum Bags with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration system added. HEPA is the name for a special weave of fibers that creates a bag that remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter. This synthetic cloth style of vacuum bag will not allow bacteria growth. You can recognize these bags by their black and white packaging with the bright orange Envirocare label. Usually sold in a box instead of the normal plastic packaging. All of the above listed Envirocare Brand vacuum bags have one of a kind Enviro-closure that seals around the bag opening. This is a great feature because instead of removing the bag from your vacuum and possible having some of the dirt escape on your trip to the garbage, it has a sticker like tab that once you remove the backing covers the opening in the bag and prevents a mess.

GENUINE BRAND VACUUM BAGS: Genuine bags can come in a variety of filtration types. Look carefully at the product description. We will list if the bag is a high filtration. If you have allergies look for something that says “HEPA”, “ALLERGEN REDUCTION” or has "MICRO" in the title. If it does not mention a type of filtration it may be that it is just a standard paper bag. If you want to prevent bacteria and germs from being passed back into the air during vacuuming we recommend a high efficiency bag. If cost is an issue as to the quality of bags you are purchasing you may want to check out our high efficiency aftermarket bags. They have the same high quality of Genuine but not the high cost.

We should note many companies will only warranty their vacuums during the first year or however long the warranty lasts for, but only if you use their Genuine bags and filters. But once that time has passed we suggest trying one of our aftermarket brands and save yourself some money. You can buy a better filtration bag, belt or filter and buy more quantity in aftermarket. And as we try to let our customers know a bag that is changed when it is 55 to 75% full keeps your vacuum suction at its peak and prevents your vacuum from getting harmful dust into its motor causing damage.