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Finding the right Oreck bag can at times be conusing. Every week it seems we have people calling us saying they need a Oreck XL vacuum bag. The confusing part is Oreck likes to put XL on everything. So just because your vacuum says XL doesn't mean it take a XL vacuum bag.

You can look at a couple of things.

1. The model number. It's located at the base of the vacuum. Is it listed below?

2. How does your paper vacuum bags attach inside. If it slides onto a small outlet inside your vacuum. If it does you are on the right track. If it slides into a plastic frame and that locks the bag into place you need type "CC" vacuum bags.

Stll not sure? Give us a call before ordering. We would love to help.

Fits Oreck Models: Fits Oreck models: XL100c, XL200S, XL200SG, XL888, XL888G, XL988, XL988G, XL5000, XL5300, XL9000 , XL9000D, XL9100c, XL9100HG (XL9200, XL9300, XL9300C, XL9300G, XL9300H, XL9300S, XL9300MM, XL9300MS, XL9800 w/Handle switch,) (XL9200, XL8300G, XL9300, XL9300G, XL9400 w/Foot switch) Also fits 2000 series Uprights Without Bag Dock System.

Only fits Oreck Vacuums without the docking system!





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