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For people who don't have to worry about fragrances this page is for you! Add a fresh scent tablet or some Vac-Yum fragrance to your vacuum bag or dirt cup before cleaning that room. No matter how great your vacuum bags are or your bags-less filters are we sometimes get some weird smells coming from the bowels of our vacuums. Well we don't like it! And maybe you don't either. Most of us want to smell clean not old dog hair. Or even better add a scent that smell like you made fresh cinnamon rolls or a Pina Colada and instantly transport yourself somewhere else. People will wonder why you’re always vacuuming. And why you have a smile on your face while doing it. O.K maybe it will still feel like work to most of us but it won't smell like it. You can also add fragrance drops to your water basin in your Rainbow vacuums and the like. They even work well in a pan on the stove top or wood stove. Or get a Refresher Spray to use in the car, the bathroom, the kid’s bedroom anywhere you want to quickly cover an irritating smell or add a little ambiance.

Now if your vacuum really smells bad it may be just time to change your bag or replace your filter. We recommend changing vacuum bags when they are a little over half full. This prevents loss of suction and less odors. Filters should be changed every 3 to 6 months depending on use. And if you have washable filters they too can go bad. If you wash it be sure to let it dry completely before reinstalling in your vacuum. If you don't it will get musty and no amount of fragrance will cover that up and we are pretty sure it’s not safe either. Or we recommend buying 2 filters so one can be drying while the other is in the vacuum.

If there is a scent or brand of scents you especially love contact us and we will see if we can get it.